Edinburgh Playhouse AuditoriumThe Edinburgh Playhouse is one of the largest theatres in the UK and holds over 3,000 seats on three levels. The closest level to the stage is the Stalls section which seats 1500 people and is divided into five separate blocks of seats. The rows fan out from the stage, getting wider towards the middle, where it peaks at 51 seats per row. This section boasts excellent views of the action, but can feel very far away from the stage, especially in the rear rows.

The Circle section hangs above the Stalls on the first level. This section holds close to 700 people and is divided into a front central section and also two side sections. The rear Circle is somewhat restricted due to the stairwells, and the seats around them do not give the best overall view of the stage.

The larger Balcony section is made up of a front and rear section. The front section is divided into three blocks, and the rear into five. Seats in this section are furthest away from the stage and feel very high, especially from the rear section.



Edinburgh Playhouse Seating Plan